The Young Family

The Young Family

Does this image look familiar? I'd be surprised if it didn't. This image has become one of many victims of internet folklore. Ads on the sides of common websites would have this photo captioned with, "Hybrid dog!" or "Is it real? What is it? Find out here!" I hate to disappoint all those alien-creature-sub-animal fans out there but, this photo was taken of artist Patricia Piccinini's sculpture called The Young Family. Here is her website The Young Family introduces the idea of a human-dog hybrid. She explores a thought that... well... no one has really introduced before. She creates these gentle images of animals with a human-like perspective. When I look at her sculptures I think of the beauty of animals, and how we take it for granted. She throws ideas into our heads that suggest a understanding of animal beauty vs human beauty and the result of combining them. Sure, at first sight they are kind of creepy, but once we look at the innocence of the pup-humans and the exhausted but caring expression on Mama's face we establish an understanding. It is somewhere are minds, and hearts, have never been before. 

The Long Awaited is probably my favorite of her sculptures. The young boy exudes a sense of innocence. While I sit back and question the fish/man the boy sits in content. Each character is silent, still, and dreaming. Their expressions are gentle. A wave of calmness hits us. Patricia Piccinini created a new kind of freedom, sacrifice, and understanding in one art piece. We race through all of the Hows? What ifs? and Whys? but just sitting back and accepting this for what it is makes the brain quiet and the heart content. Art that provokes... all of these feelings, but expresses calmness shows the complexity of one's mind.


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