DIY: Using food color + flowers for photography


Food coloring
Fish bowl/vase with flat surface
White foam board
Optional: hanger/fishing line


I secured my flowers to a hanger using fishing line to stabilize them. Originally I held them in the water, but I shook the flowers so much that it was distracting. It was much easier and stable to use the hanger and fishing line to stabilize. I still had to hold the flowers down. Once the shot was focus, I hit record and started dropping in food coloring.

In post processing, I used a few filters to make the colors rich and vibrant. Then I adjusted the speed and I flipped and mirrored some of the clips. The clips in this video are sped up about 400% so a lot of this process is being patient. You can shoot this with your phone and it would come out just as cool.

Instagram version:
Facebook version:
And that'…


How to tie dye with bleach~

Supplies: Vibrant or dark shirts that are not polyester or a poly blend Rubber bands Bleach, dye, dye bottles (Or a tie dye kit like this with my fave colors) Plastic bags Easily accessible sink or tub Gloves A well-ventilated space
How to: Get that shirt soaked in water. Bleach and dye work better with damp fabric. Lay the shirt on a flat surface and pinch the fabric in the center of the shirt and begin twisting it until the entire shirt is a round spiral. Secure using one or two rubber bands.  *Before interacting with bleach, please wear gloves.*  Place the shirt into a plastic bag, a grocery bag will do, and apply bleach. I suggest pouring the bleach into a smaller dye bottle, like the ones that come in the kit, to better control where the bleach goes and how much is used. Take the bag out into the sunshine. The warmth and light help the bleach work faster. Sometimes it can only a few minutes to remove color. When the shirt has been lightened to the desired color, re…

Eats: SASS in Thomasville, GA

Eating jambalaya by chefs featured on Paul Deen in a converted train depot is next level southern. The experience was made better by how delicious everything was. And thankfully, the cooks knew something was missing from the meal and left that precious secret ingredient on the table for you to add for yourself: Texas Pete. And who knew jambalaya paired with sangria was a quality choice.

My friend Rachel went for the homemade pimento cheese. I had a side of asparagus. I cleaned every plate and glass. And while we sat there, under the high powered AC, surrounded by perfectly elevated and refurbished furniture, heavy wood and plush cushioned seats, we talked enough for our stomachs to free up some space for dessert. She ordered the peach cobbler and I had to go for the beignets, sticking with the New Orleans theme.

The outdoor space was empty on this particularly sweltering day, but on a cooler day sitting under the many fans and between spider plants and other lush green things would b…

Travel: Downtown Thomasville, GA

For five years I lived in Thomasville. It was my elementary years so every memory of it has a rosy, ethereal vignetting that only childhood can manifest. Mom and I used to wander through downtown stopping into the eclectic little shops picking out treats and craft projects. I even remember field trips downtown where teachers would explain some of the architectural details to us.

Since then the downtown has developed incredibly. Shop after shop has its own specialization from cooking accessories and seasoning, leather goods, vintage and new clothing, pet treats, yarn craft supplies, quirky interior decor, and traditional dishware sets. I talked about the fluidity of place and time in my last post because I felt it when I was here. That this place has changed and I come back to it changed. And still, I appreciate this town with its cute coffee shop and rose parade.

I'm glad this is a place for me to make new memories while cherishing the old. Here I am simultaneously a stranger and…

Outfit # 77: We are the river

I feel closely related to several places in Georgia. I never felt like I had a hometown. There is only where I am and where I once was. It is an abstraction. So I like to go back and visit those places. There’s the place I went to elementary school, the place where I went to 6th grade. The place I went to high school and the place I went to college. I like to see the places I once existed in and every time I go back they are different. You know the phrase. You never step in the same river twice. And here are these physical locations that are, in a very real way, flowing.
Reflecting on my relationships to spaces and time makes me think of Dr. Manhattan. So smart. So blue. And with a completely different concept of time. He exists everywhere all at once. To be able to hold on to this concept was the greatest gift given to me from reading Watchmen. Recently the concept of time fluidity, (that we aren’t just one place in the river, we are the river) has reappeared in popular culture in …

Recipe: Ice Water Twist

Y'all. It's summer for real. For Southerners, it's finally a socially acceptable time to eat watermelon none stop. So I came up with one more way to integrate this summer staple into my daily life. I picked some of my other summer refreshing faves, mint and cucumber, to give my ice water a sweet kick.

We've been growing chocolate mint in the yard so I plucked a stem and put it and some diced cucumber in ice trays. I combined watermelon and cucumber in another tray. Freeze and enjoy in a tall cold glass of water.  Because the juice from watermelon has a sweet, distinctive flavor it makes the water smell stellar. And once you finish your water you have a cold snack to enjoy. A reward for saying no to a more sugary beverage. Go you.