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Hunger and Heart: In the Kitchen with David Scarbrough for Tifton Scene I love food. I especially love food that is well crafted and thoughtfully presented. Binge watching Chef’s Table makes me an expert on Michelin Star dining, right? Maybe not. But I do remember eating at The Local for the first time. I got the stuffed pork chop. I may have been a poor college student, but my friends and I found room in our budget for a cheese plate too. It was delicious. It was so delicious that I was genuinely shocked and confused. How was it possible that this meal was here in Tifton? I was able to sit down with the Chef David Scarbrough and get to know the other side of the plate – before it’s delivered. Our conversation was honest, heart-warming and mouthwatering.
Local humanitarian group reaches out to immigrant detainees for Tifton Gazette Facebook has a major hand in how I find stories to cover. For instance, my former history professor was sharing events from a new group: the Sout…

DIY // Resources to build your blog

A group of students from ABAC came to the gallery where I work to ask lil ole me some questions about blogging. The class has been blogging every day for a month (bless ‘em) to better understand digital marketing methods, what it takes to run a blog and how it can be useful for their careers.
I published my first blog post on September 16th 2010. You can read it here. That makes a little over seven years of blogging. I cranked up my blog when MySpace became super lame and I realized Facebook was essentially 0% customizable. Having a blog gave me a creative outlet to share things I loved, cared about and thought about.
My blog has been a pretty inconsistent thing though. I just did what I wanted with very little concern for the digits. It’s pretty much the same way today. But now I know how to actually monitor the numbers and I like experimenting with generating interest in my little blog.
Why? Mostly to learn. And I’m a little competitive. I like beating my high score.
I will say …

Travel #TBT // Unicoi State Park

Unicoi State Park is a luscious green WONDERLAND. With creek beds at all levels of the mountain surrounded with picnic tables and banks to scuttle down, it was convenient and beautiful. There are several hiking trails, all at varying levels of difficulty. One of the easiest trails, paved and only a half mile up, leads you straight to Anna Ruby Falls. It’s a double waterfall, rare and spectacular, with two spacious viewing platforms. We read it was dog friendly, so we took our two mutts along for the outdoor adventure. However, neither Maggie nor Gizmo are especially fond of physical labor or the outdoors. At least not for long durations. We had to carry them back down.
On another day we had a picnic by one of the creek beds. With fresh veggies from Jaemor farms, our sandwiches were next level delicious and the dogs were glad to stay back at the cabin with air conditioning and cushioned surfaces. We waded through the creek and enjoyed the fresh, chilly stream. Down the creek we could…

Outfit #78: pumpkin seed

You ever feel like God planted a big ole pumpkin seed inside you? Like a GMO from Jesus? That pumpkin seed is growing and growing, bigger than any county fair has ever seen, maybe even any state fair, shoot, it might compete nationally.

I remember telling one of my high school teachers that I felt like there was something big inside me, like I was going to do something that even I couldn’t predict and he knew exactly what I was talking about. It’s the weirdest kind of motivation because it’s vague and directionless. But it also means no matter how insecure I get, I sense this all part of a greater cause I can’t yet foresee.

Sticking to your gut (or nurturing your pumpkin seed???) takes courage and faith in yourself. Also a good heap of hard work. The worst part is I actually believe in myself. I believe I can do something even I couldn’t imagine. Which is pretty impressive considering I can bring myself to tears imagining myself giving inspirational monologues in dramatic, improb…

Travel #TBT // Downtown Helen, GA

Downtown Helen prides itself on recreating the look of Bavarian Germany and claims to be the third most visited city in Georgia. Their commitment to maintaining the Alpine Germany aesthetic is impressive, especially if you ever wanted to visit a German Wendy’s or Huddle House.

The most entertaining feature of Downtown Helen is watching the tubers shuffle and slip down the Chattahoochee. The river was low when we visited making the entertainment even more wildly delightful. Except when we saw a person’s tube pop. Tragic! Then there were other anomalies – tubers would park on the grass banks in front of restaurants to stop for a smoke or abandon their floats completely to grab a drink, perhaps? Or the frightful journey of a person ejected from their float and then left to waddle after it, slipping on river rocks the whole way. We watched one woman struggle for a good 45 minutes until a courageous bystander assisted her. (As soon as she mounted her float she was stuck between rocks.)

A …

DIY // Glow ghost glow

GHOST SUPPLIES // Cheesecloth DIY Paper mache paste or liquid starch Balloon Water bottle Parchment paper
DECORATIONS // Scissors Adhesive felt Paint Glitter Glue Battery powered fairy lights

HOW TO //  Blow up a balloon and secure it to a water bottle or a stack of cans until it is the desired height. This will be the supporting structure of your ghost. The balloon will provide the shape of the head. I taped my balloon to a water bottle and then set the bottle on an upside down bowl to reach the height I wanted (about a foot and a half). Pro tip: I lined my countertop with parchment paper for easy cleanup.

Now that you have your structure, you need either liquid starch or paper mache paste. I didn’t have any liquid starch (spray starch won’t get the job done), so I made my own paper mache adhesive. *Skip this next part if you plan to use liquid starch.*

To make the paper mache paste, boil a cup of water. In a separate bowl combine a cup of flour with two cups of cold water. Mix. Once…